History 2001

Voyage around east coast of Northern Ireland & Ireland and the Isle of Man. 
20th July to 4th August 2001
This main season voyage was from Carrick Castle to Sandbank and Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland; Carrick Fergus & Ardglass, Northern Ireland; Malahide & Carlingford, Ireland; Douglas, Isle of Man; Ardglass, Northen Ireland; Port Patrick, Troon, Dunoon and back to Carrick Castle - 468 nautical miles.
Crew: Douglas Locke, Liz, Evans, Calum Evans (aged 9)
Visitor: Gwyneth Evans (27.07-03.08) 
Diary and Log Book extracts for 2001 Voyage around east coast of Northern Ireland & Ireland and the Isle of Man.  There are photographs of the voyage, see the Gallery for 2001: -
20.07 18.50 Departed mooring Carrick Castle for Dunoon. Arrived mooring West Bay, Dunoon at 21.12. Problem mooring as engine stuck in gear and would only go forward. Turned engine off running up to mooring and retrieved safely. Checked control linkage to find a cable had become dislocated. Fixed and problem solved!
21.07 07.55 Departed Dunoon for Campbeltown arriving at 17.45. MWF 4.
22.07 06.20 Departed Campbeltown towards Carrick Fergus, Northern Ireland. Arrived Carrick Fergus harbour to fuel up at 13.45. Diesel pump out of action, so attendant kindly took us in his car to a local filling station where we were able to buy red diesel. Departed harbour for the marina at 14.15 arriving at 14.45 after tricky entrance in shallow waters. Had to follow another yacht into the marina. Excellent marina. Visited the castle.
23.07 04.00 Departed Carrick Fergus with a favourable tide bound for Ardglass. Arrived marina at 11.50. Good sail. MWF 5.
24.07 08.05 Departed Ardglass for Malahide, Ireland. Top speed 7 knots. Arrived marina 16.30.
25-26.07 Two days off to visit Dublin and Malahide. Collected Liz's sister, Gwyneth, who flew in to Dublin airport.
27.07 08.00 Departed Malahide for Carlingford, Ireland. Arrived marina at 14.40. Visited town.
28.07 09.20 Departed Carlingford in mist following cargo ferry through the narrows en route to the Isle of Man. Arrived Douglas harbour waiting pontoon at 19.30 for marina bridge to open at 20.00. Bridge opened and arrived marina berth at 20.15.

 Dream Weaver at Douglas, Isle of Man Marina

29-30.07 Three days off in Isle of Man visiting the tourist attractions on the island in Douglas, Ramsay, Peel and Port St Mary. Travelled on horse-drawn tram, railway, mountain railway, bus and narrow-guage railway and visited Viking centre and more - great time had by all!
31.07 08.00 Departed Douglas marina as soon as the bridge opened with heading towards Portpatrick. Since the wind was on the nose changed course back to Ardglass for a good sail. MWF 4. Arrived Ardglass marina at 16.30.
01.08 08.10 Departed Ardglass for Portpatrick, Scotland. Arrived to berth alongside harbour wall in a raft at 17.15. Visited town.
02.08 10.15 Departed Portpatrick for Troon arriving 18.20.
03.08 12.35 Departed Troon having left Gwyneth to catch a train home to England. Arrived Dunoon West Bay mooring at 20.20.
04.08 13.00 Departed Dunoon for home, arriving our mooring at Carrick Castle at 15.25.

Voyage MWF 5. Good holiday - would certainly go back to the Isle of Man again.

For photographs of the voyage, see the Gallery for 2001.

Main season voyage = 468 nautical miles.
Other sailing this year - Clyde area, Scotland = 565 nautical miles.
(Clyde area visits included Ardrossan, Ayrshire; Campbeltown, Argyll; Dunoon, Argyll; Inverkip, Inverclyde; Kames, Argyll; Kyles of Bute; Lamlash, Isle of Arran; Lochranza, Isle of Arran; Rhu, Argyll; Rothesay, Isle of Bute; Sandbank, Argyll & Tarbert, Argyll)
Total miles for 2001 season = 1,033 nautical miles.

Total miles sailed since 2000 = 2,144 nautical miles


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