Dream Weaver's 2012 Voyage - 08/06/2012 15:59:01
Liz Evans and Douglas Locke have just returned from our latest spring/summer cruising holiday and have the details and photographs of our cruise to the West coast of Scotland and the Inner Hebrides
from 28th April to 1st June 2012 covering 578 miles.
Common Dolphins accompanied Dream Weaver for half an hour
This voyage has had extremes of weather from no wind whatsoever to gales with gusts exceeding 50 miles an hour (F10); It has been extremely cold at 4C with hail and even new snow on the hills, to days of extreme heat reaching 29C when it was just too hot to do anything. We have had heavy rain but on the whole most days have been dry with a fair amount of sun as the photographs will show.

We have been able to anchor in places that are often very difficult to go to that has been very interesting. It has also been a very social time going to two musters and meeting up with many friends on their yachts a few times in different places. The highlight of the voyage was the half hour when around 40 dolphins kept coming alongside the yacht enjoying the bow wave as we sailed between Rum and Soay - Fantastic!

We have now sailed over 8,000 miles around the west coast of Scotland in Dream Weaver -
what a fantastic sailing area we are lucky to live by and enjoy...
For 80 photographs of the voyage, see the Gallery for 2012.


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Dreamweaver under sail