(For Crew's Use Only)
Updated on 10th June 2012
Spares on top of Holding Tank: -
Deck Gland (9-pin)
Facnor Roller Reef Spares
Frog Horn Gas
Jabsco Toilet Service Kit (1)
Seawater Filter (no cap)
Sewer Key
Steering Chain Links (2)
Westerly Locker Catch
Westerly Water/Diesel Cap
Whale Gusher 10" Spares (2 incomplete)
Yanmar Gasket 128370-13201
Yanmar Impeller X08810B
Yanmar Impeller Ring
Yanmar O Ring Primary Fuel Filter (5 small & large)
Yanmar Air Filter 128270-12540 (2)
Yanmar Oil Filter 119305-35150
Yanmar Water Pump V-Belt 128990-77350
Yanmar Fuel Filter Element 104500-55710
Yanmar O-Ring 24340-000440
Fuel Filter 3581078-7
Lifejacket Spares: -
Baltic 20g CO2 Auto Rearming Kit
Crewsaver 33g CO2 150N
Crewsaver 33g CO2 Standard Rearming Kit
XM Rearming Kit 150N Auto
XM Rearming Kit Junior
Spare Parts: -
Alternator                                                           Not on Yacht
Propeller                                                            Not on Yacht
Other Spares: -
Autopilot Belts (3)                                               Aft Cabin
Air Marine X wind generator O-ring (3-CAOT-1002)                           
Bulbs (Box)                                                        Bosun's Locker
Filter Element (Carbon)                                        Bathroom
Fuses Box                                                          Bosun's Locker
Shackles, etc.                                                     Red Tool Box   


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